Chez la vieille.

At Chez la veille, you are able to discover a typical estaminet from the flanders but in the heart of Lille ! Do not hesitate to book before going, it is always full, tourist but also people from the city enjoy to go there to eat a Carbonnade Flamande and drink a beer from the region.

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NAME Festival – 2016

N.A.M.E Festival is an annual electronic music festival that takes place in Northern France, attracting over 4,000 people who travel from far and wide to experience it

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Cultural Center Saint-Sauveur

Here is the ideal place to drink a coffee, spend your afternoon, have a good beer or even danse untel late listening to a trendy DJ. People of the city comes here to celebrate big events and festival : Lille by See – Festival of l’Entorse, Lille 3000. The place is a cultural rendez-vous for all, a place dedicated to pleasure of discovery.

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Public transports – part 1

It is well known that Lille is one of the best cities in Europe for the efficient of the public transports. It is not rare to see three different buses at the same time at the corner of the street… Bus is a good option but do not forget the bike when the weather is good, Lille and the agglomeration is mostly between 10 meters and 40 meters above see level, so you will ride your bike without pain.

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The place is mostly dedicated to Audio and Visual Culture. It opened in 2007. It is a place to watch but also to exchange idea about the artist works. The main screen is in a really original space, a bar and some couches. Many meetings with professionals. If you want to take with you a print of the experience, there is a DVD store with plenty of references from independent distributors.

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Villa Cavroix

It is really a chance to visit this Villa : after the death of Madame Cavrois in 1985 the property was sold to a developer who wanted to subdivide the park. Abandoned, the villa fell prey to vandalism and quickly deteriorated, despite its classification as a monument historique in 1990. If you come to visit Lille you must have a tour to Croix and visit the Villa. Thanks to the mobilisation of a conservation association, the state acquired a large part of the property in 2001. After thirteen years of research and work, it has been restored to its original state of July 1932.

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Le Triporteur

At Le Triporteur, you will fell like at home ! When sunny, to drink a beer after your work or tourist day, and all year long, to eat a good meal or just a snack. The small pub of the boulevard Victor Hugo is always friendly and busy. If you plan to eat, it is better to book before ! In any case you will be welcome there.

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Lille Tourism Office

The Tourism Desk of Lille is a good staring point for your visit. In the office, into the Palais Rihour or surfing on its website, you will definitely find good ideas to visit Lille. Whatever you are into, more ‘Theater’ or more ‘French Gastronomy’, that’s here a concentrate of informations for you and the best deals !

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