Lille 3000 for everyone…

Station Saint-Sauveur


Here is the ideal place to drink a coffee, spend your afternoon, have a good beer or even danse untel late listening to a trendy DJ. People of the city comes here to celebrate big events and festival : Lille by See – Festival of l’Entorse, Lille 3000. The place is a cultural rendez-vous for all, a place dedicated to pleasure of discovery.

Beside the park, where it is easy to lay down, between to exhibitions, the old marchandise station Saint-Sauveur, turn into a cultural center at the first times of Lille 3000. The big room is dedicated to interactive exhibitions, new technologies are often involved here. The place is really adapted to welcome out-of-the-size art-works.

During Lille 3000 periods, you are able to rent a room at Hotel Europa, designed by artists to spend afternoons or evenings, celebrating your birthday or simply being together around a drink.

There is also here a movie theater, games, a pub where you will find something to drink and to eat.

All the program is on the website lille 3000

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Le motel Europa designed in 2015 by les Tantines

The Bistro de St-So is the place to have a beak here : facebook.

Public transports

Bus Liane 1 Stop at Lille-JB Lebas
Metro Stop at Mairie de Lille


Station 47 : Boulevard Louis XIV
Station 51 : JB Lebas

From the apartment !

(300 m) Go straight-up along the Boulevard, and reach the park. The Gare-Museum is at the opposite, just pass trough the park to get in !


+33(0)3 28 52 3000

Gare Saint Sauveur