A refreshing venue dedicated culture


Photograph by L’hybride via www.facebook.com/lhybridelille/

The place is mostly dedicated to Audio and Visual Culture. It opened in 2007. It is a place to watch but also to exchange idea about the artist works. The main screen is in a really original space, a bar and some couches. Many meetings with professionals. If you want to take with you a print of the experience, there is a DVD store with plenty of references from independent distributors.

L’hybride is opened three evenings a week (generaly from Thursday to Saturday – have a look on their webpage to check) with a program based on independant audio and visual arts and movies : short-movie, animation, experimental, docs, independant long-movie, mixed projects (music and images, body and images, arts and images). It takes place at the same time exhibits from artists from Lille or from abroad.

Photograph by L’hybride via www.facebook.com/lhybridelille/

The ambition of the place is to let the spectator, the exchange and the cultures be central in the experience. The program is ambitious, and the new numeric model is a cheap way to keep independency. From 2007, the idea is to let a cultural space to show audio-visual projects which are never seeing-able and to share with the public in a particular way. A convivial atmosphere !

Bar and couches is the formula – The team is passionated. The venue-life is not only lasting during the projection ! To enjoy the place, the best way is to come a bit earlier to drink a beer, and to stay a bit longer chatting at the bar.

Projections are usually coming with presentation speech, professionals guest, or simply a discussion. L’hybride propose also workshops ! Program is really eclectic : thematic nights / Cine-Concert / VJing / Cine-BBQ

Since a short decade, names ! Masterclass de Michel Ocelot, d’Adam Elliot (australian director / Mary and Max), week-end with Jan Bucquoy (La vie sexuelle des belges, with house’s french fries prepared by Jan Bucquoy lui-même !), Meetings with artists (Jérôme Lefdup, René Vautier, Barry Purves, Yann Minh, Hayo Freitag, Enki Bilal…) – et arts-associations&professionals (le Festival de Clermont-Ferrand, Florence Hartman, Michel Collomb…).

Public transports

Métro stop at Mairie de Lille & walk 5 minutes de marche
Bus Liane L1 : stop at JB Lebas
Bus 14 : stop at Jeanne d’Arc
Citadine de Lille : stop at Douai-Arras


Station 51 : JB Lebas

From the apartment !

Walk 300 meters ! Go straight up the boulevard till the Parc Lebas, follow the parc 50 meters on the left side and turn left in rue Gosselet.


+ 33 (0)3 20 53 24 84